Pickup Points

Bills Baseball Bus Tour Pick up Points Along Travel Routes to MLB Games

Most Trips begin in Asheville, North Carolina. Travelers can also find discounted rooms in Asheville at a few partner hotels if arriving the night before a trip departure. Call or email to make arrangements.

Our bus can pick you up in another location if it is along the scheduled route of the trip. Passengers can also join us in some of our destination cities. Call for these arrangements. Passengers would be responsible in some cases for ground transportation to hotels.

On one-day Atlanta Braves trips, we can pick up passengers in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina, Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina and at locations along the I-85 corridor in North Georgia, at Lavonia and Commerce, Ga.

On the multi-day trips we can pick up passengers in parts of Tennessee, Virginia, and other states. Please call or email to make these arrangements. Passengers can also arrange their own travel by air or train to link up with the tour in specific cities.

Contact me by email at BMcclement@avlradio.com or

phone (828)210-8594 with any questions.