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Travelers from Eastern North Carolina can now travel with Bill’s Baseball Tours!

While our charter bus tours depart from Asheville, NC, we have an opportunity for people living in several eastern North Carolina cities to travel on our baseball tours.   2017 trips will include a charter bus trip from Asheville to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia July 28-30. Passengers from Southern Pines, Cary, Raleigh and Rocky Mount, North Carolina will be able to travel from those cities on AMTRAK and join our bus tour in Washington.  Check out Trip # 3A on the schedule on the website,  The trip includes two baseball games,  some sightseeing in Washington, hotels, breakfasts, train ticket, charter bus and tour host.  Contact Bill McClement at with any questions or to make arrangements to sign up!

2017 Baseball Tours Now on website!

Bill’s Baseball Tours has a total of 3 one-day trips from Asheville to Atlanta for Braves Baseball in 2017, plus a two-day, one-night trip from Asheville to Cincinnati for two games between the Reds and Chicago Cubs, plus a three-day, two-night trip from Asheville to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia for games in both cities.  Folks in eastern North Carolina will also be able to take that trip as we are offering transportation to and from Washington from Southern Pines, Cary, Raleigh and Rocky Mount, North Carolina via AMTRAK train.   Check out the website for trip details, itineraries are found in the blue field to the right of the home page by clicking on the trip #.  Sign up with a deposit, balances are due later.

See the Chicago Cubs in 2017 at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark!

Bill’s Baseball Tours is offering a short, two-day, one-night trip from Asheville, NC to Cincinnati, Ohio on July 1st and 2nd, 2017.   The Trip will include two baseball games between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds, charter bus, hotel, breakfast, tour host, bottled water and canned sodas.   Cost of the trip is just $339.00 per person based on two people per room.  Three and four people per room costs less, single rooms are more.  Trip #2 is an affordable weekend baseball getaway!   Sign up with a $100.00 nonrefundable deposit.  Balance is due later.

2017 Baseball Tours Taking Shape!

Bill’s Baseball Tours is planning 3 one-day trips to the brand new SUNTRUST Park in Atlanta for Braves Baseball in 2017.   These tours include charter bus, game ticket, tour host, bottled water, and canned sodas.   Trips depart Asheville, North Carolina.   In addition to three one-day trips for Braves Baseball, there’s also a two-day, one-night trip to Cincinnati on July 1st and 2nd to see the Chicago Cubs against the Cincinnati Reds.  Trip includes charter bus, one night hotel, one breakfast, tickets to two baseball games, tour host, bottled water and canned sodas.   There’s also a three-day, 2 night trip to Washington DC and Philadelphia that includes charter bus, hotels, breakfasts, two baseball game and some sightseeing in our nation’s capital.   Keep watching the website for details and for your chance to sign up for these trips.

Two-day-one-night tour added for 2017!

Sometimes a great baseball trip is just a little bit further than in your own backyard!  Bill’s Baseball Tours has been doing one-day tours from Asheville, NC to Atlanta for more than 20 years.   These trips allow us to get down to a Braves game and back all in one-day!   We will continue offering one-day trips to the Braves games in 2017, but we’re also adding a two-day-one-night trip to Cincinnati from Asheville.  The tour will take place Saturday and Sunday, July 1st and 2nd and will feature two games between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs.   The cost is $339.00 per per person for two people sharing a room.  Cost includes charter, bus, tour host, tickets to two baseball games, one-night hotel and one breakfast.  Complimentary bottled water and canned sodas also included.  Book your space with a $100.00 per person deposit.  Pay off the balance May 15, 2017.