Baseball Tour NYC and DC Trip 2010

27 Innings in 72 Hours

by Tim Josephs

Bleary-eyed we stumbled out of our cars and lined up to wait for the bus. And although the sun hadn’t come up yet, our fearless leader Bill ( cheerfully greeted us all. I was there with my parents and wife and I looked around at the other folks. There were kids, moms and dads, grandparents, couples and friends. Everyone looked tired but excited.

After the luggage was loaded, Bill talked about the trip, took a role call, and we headed out of Asheville. Just before we got on the highway, I watched a father and his young son sitting near the front of the bus clink their plastic water bottles together in a “cheers” gesture, and we were on our way. So, where were we going?

The first stop was Washington, DC, and then New York City for three major league baseball games. “Three games in three days?” an incredulous non-sports fan had asked my Mom before our trip. “You must be crazy.” Perhaps we were. Read more of this Baseball tour review.